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Metal gas­kets

Metal gas­kets are pre­fer­a­b­ly used to with­stand extre­me tem­pera­ra­tures from ‑270° C to + 1,000°C , high pres­su­res and che­mi­cals. The mate­ri­al selec­tion depends on the liquid media to be sea­led. The gas­ket mate­ri­als can be e. g. steel,  iron as well as non-fer­rous metals. They are avail­ab­le in stan­dard dimen­si­ons and also accord­ing to indi­vi­du­al cus­to­mer spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons.

Our pro­duct port­fo­lio covers:

  • Kamm­pro­fi­le gas­kets
  • Spi­ral Wound gas­kets
  • Len­se joints
  • Rub­ber-steel-gas­kets
  • Ring-Joint gas­kets
  • Cor­ru­ga­ted rings
  • Sepa­ra­ting sheet gas­kets
  • Metal-pro­fi­le-gas­kets