We repro­du­ce

your old gas­ket

Repro­duc­tion of your old gas­ket

We repro­du­ce your old gas­ket accord­ing to sketch, sam­ple or ori­gi­nal.

Eit­her you order an exact repro­duc­tion of the ori­gi­nal gas­ket or
make modi­fi­ca­ti­ons to adapt to new requi­re­ments.
Through many years of exper­ti­se in the field of sealing tech­no­lo­gy, you will be sup­por­ted by
our tech­ni­ci­ans as they are hap­py to assist you with the design and selec­tion of mate­ri­als.

A wide ran­ge of machine­ry and diver­si­fied stock enab­le the fast and fle­xi­ble pro­duc­tion of your new seal.
In our pro­duc­tion we pro­cess a broad ran­ge of dif­fe­rent mate­ri­als — from elas­to­mers to fiber mate­ri­als
and gra­phi­tes up to cel­lu­lar mate­ri­als — to high-qua­li­ty pro­ducts.

Con­ta­ct us — we look for­ward to your pro­ject:  Con­ta­ct


✓Clas­sic cars and bikes



✓Machi­nes and plants

  • Scan old gas­ket

    Using our scan­ner equip­ment we cap­tu­re your ori­gi­nal gas­ket

  • Crea­te drawing

    Our tech­ni­ci­ans will con­vert the scan into a tech­ni­cal drawing

  • Modi­fi­ka­ti­on and appro­val

    If requi­red you make modi­fi­ca­ti­ons and final­ly appro­ve the drawing

  • Pro­duc­tion of the new gas­ket

    In our pro­duc­tion we are able to fle­xi­b­ly and quick­ly pro­du­ce your new gas­ket